2 years ago

of consciousness, which

helped naturists all over
the U.S., and most likely
spread much beyond that.
He encouraged me to get
involved with San Onofre
and was there with
advice, encouragement
and help when I desired
it. He convinced me that

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But sometimes aim is the only thing distinguishing an exhibitionist from a naturist. A nudist can inadvertently shock or upset an unsuspecting strange

At the end of the day, respect for others is a vital part of nudism while exhibitionism (again, by its DSM definition) is pretty much a self centered act that plans to invoke an emotional reaction from the unsuspecting victim.

This articl

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In Texas, a county prosecutor succeeded in banning children in the Hippie Hollow clothes optional park, and State Rep. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) author

All of this hysteria grew out of nothing more than ignorance, outright bias and unwarranted feelings about nudism and naturism, and was a waste of time and public resources. There was certainly no evidence that any damage was being done to any chi read more...